Chargeback Program

A resident of KCC District 520 who wants to pursue a certificate or occupational degree program not available at KCC may apply for a chargeback if he/she plans to attend another public community college in Illinois which offers that program, given that KCC does not have a cooperative agreement for the program with another college. If, however, the program has selective admissions with no openings at the cooperative institution(s), residents may still be eligible for a chargeback.

Chargebacks are available only for occupational programs resulting in a degree or certificate and not for individual courses. Developmental and general education courses must be taken at KCC unless KCC does not have an equivalent course or the description for a course in the student’s major specifies concurrent enrollment as a prerequisite.

Applicants should file a chargeback request with KCC at least 30 days before the beginning of the semester. If the application is approved, the student is entitled to support for the out-of-district tuition for major courses in his/her program as well as any orientation courses required by the college the student is attending. Repeated courses are not funded by chargebacks.

Residents may file a request with KCC for a cooperative agreement if they plan to enroll in a program not offered at KCC. The college has a list of these colleges and more information about cooperative programs. If KCC offers the same or a similar program, students must enroll at KCC or pay the out-of-district tuition at the receiving institution. Contact Office of Admissions and Registration at 815-802-8527 for more information on chargebacks or cooperative programs.

Non-residents should petition their local community college for assistance with KCC programs.