Global Supply Chain, Certificate

Curriculum code: V55B

Program Overview

It is possible for a student to take a small grouping of courses, which, taken as a unit, satisfy requirements for a particular position within the global supply chain management field. The student may submit written application to the Office of Admissions and Registration to receive written verification of completion of the certificate program.

Additional Program Information

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Program Requirements

Major Courses

BSNS 1553Introduction to Business

3 Credits

BSNS 2143Human Relations in Business

3 Credits

BSNS 1603Business Communication

3 Credits

BSNS 2553Principles of Management

3 Credits

COSC 1513Introduction to Information Processing

3 Credits

TWDL 1003Transportation & Physical Distribution

3 Credits

TWDL 1103Introduction to Supply Chain Management

3 Credits

TWDL 1203Introduction to Import/Export

3 Credits

TWDL 1303Principles of Operations Management

3 Credits

TWDL 1402Transportation & Cargo Security

2 Credits

Total Credit Hours: 29

Program Cost

Minimum credit hours required for completion: 29
Tuition and fees - $147.00 per credit hour $147.00
Lab fees:
BSNS 1603 Business Communications 10.00
BSNS 1553 Intro. to Business 154.40
BSNS 1603 Business Communications 191.40
BSNS 2143 Human Relations in Business 160.00
BSNS 2553 Principles of Management 250.00
COSC 1513 Introduction to Information Processing 208.35
TWDL 1003 Transportation and Physical Distribution 222.00
TWDL 1103 Introduction to Supply Chain Management 162.40
TWDL 1203 Introduction to Import/Export 68.00
TWDL 1303 Principles of Operations Management 432.85
TWDL 1402 Transportation and Cargo Security 78.90
TOTAL $6,201.30
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Gainful Employment

The U.S. Department of Education requires colleges and universities to disclose certain information for any financial aid eligible program that, “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.” Review the GE disclosure for the Global Supply Chain certificate.

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