Basic Manufacturing Welding, Certificate


Program Overview

The Basic Manufacturing Welding Certificate is designed to develop within the student practical skills in precision measurement, tungsten inert gas, and basic welding. Entry-level manufacturing welding positions include, but are not limited to: manufacturing welder technician trainee, production welder/fitter trainee, and fabricator trainee.

Program Requirements

Major Courses

MCHN 1311Precision Measurement

1 Credit

WELD 1114Basic Welding

4 Credits

WELD 1124Advanced Arc Welding

4 Credits

WELD 2124Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

4 Credits

Choose one

WELD 2062Fillet Weld Special Problems

2 Credits

WELD 2072Groove Weld Special Problems

2 Credits

WELD 2172Pipe Weld Special Problems

2 Credits

Total Credit Hours: 15

Program Cost

Minimum credit hours required for completion: 14
Tuition and fees - $147.00 per credit hour 147.00
Lab fees:
WELD 1114 Basic Welding 100.00
WELD 1124 Advanced Arc Welding 100.00
WELD 20X2 Welding Special Problems 60.00
WELD 2124 Tungsten Inert Gas 100.00
MCHN 1311 Precision Measurement 53.35
WELD 1114 Basic Welding* 119.00
TOTAL $2,590.35
*The same textbook is used for WELD 1114, WELD 2124, and WELD 2224.All prices are subject to change. Please visit Hammes Bookstore for the most up-to-date textbook prices.

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