Construction Craft Laborer – Concrete Specialist, Certificate

Program Overview

This program is designed for those who have been accepted into the Illinois Laborer’s and Contractor’s Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship and Training Program. It includes 280 hours of apprenticeship training. Students seeking admission must meet the admissions requirements of KCC and the Bureau of Apprenticeship Training, U.S. Department of Labor. The student may make written application to the Office of Admissions and Registration to receive written verification of completion of the certificate program.

Program Requirements

Curriculum code: C92A

LABR 1142Concrete Practice Fundamentals

2 Credits

LABR 1213Concrete Apprenticeship I

3 Credits

LABR 1223Forming and Finishing Concrete

3 Credits

LABR 1232Concrete Apprenticeship II

2 Credits

Program Cost

Minimum credit hours required for completion: 10
Tuition and fees - $147.00 per credit hour 147.00
TOTAL $1,470.00*
*There may be additional fees controlled by respective unions outside of KCC’s base of knowledge.
This program requires six hours of electives. The total price does not include all costs associated with the electives. All prices are subject to change. Please visit Hammes Bookstore for the most up-to-date textbook prices.

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