Philosophy and Mission

KCC is committed to one mission: Enhancing quality of life through learning.

KCC is dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive educational programs and services in a fiscally responsible manner. KCC offers a supportive environment for lifelong learning for the development of the individual and the community. KCC provides leadership in identifying the future educational needs of our district as related to the seven general educational and community service goals prescribed by the Illinois Community College Board and listed below:

To provide pre-baccalaureate education consisting of liberal arts, sciences, and pre-professional courses designed to prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities and/or designed to meet individual educational goals.

To provide career education including occupational, vocational, technical and semi-technical training for employment, advancement, or career change, and in so doing meet individual, local and state workforce needs.

To provide general studies including preparatory or developmental instruction, adult basic education, and general education designed to meet individual educational goals.

To provide community education including non-credit, continuing education classes designed to meet individual educational goals.

To provide public service activities of an educational nature, which may include workshops, seminars, forums, studies for cultural enrichment, community needs assessments and use of classroom space for seminars, meetings, etc.

To provide student services which reflect the programmatic development of the institution including, but not limited to, admissions, counseling, testing, tutoring, placement and special assistance for educationally and economically disadvantaged students.

To provide leadership for workforce training and work cooperatively with economic development agencies in the college district.

The college is dedicated to providing learning experiences for living as well as for earning, resulting in a comprehensive academic program designed to give students the personalized attention they need to lead fulfilling lives and have successful careers. Kankakee Community College continuously seeks, collects, and assembles information to aid in identifying District 520 educational needs and searches for ways and means to physically and financially provide programs which will address identified needs.

The college believes in general education as well as specialized studies. The purposes of general education courses in degree curricula are to enable students to write, read, and speak at a level reflecting college-level learning. The general education goals and objectives are designed to enable students to use reasoning and problem-solving skills, and to acquire skills in ethical reasoning. Students who complete the general education program will be able to examine complex topics and apply systematic processes to form conclusions.