Construction Craft Laborer, Advanced Certificate


Program Overview

The Construction Craft Laborer certificate is earned in cooperation with the district’s trade union training centers in Illinois. The student will earn credit for the certificate courses while attending courses at specific training facilities and learning the various skills that are required.

Program Note

Work with your trade union’s training center to develop the sequence to complete this certificate.


Program Requirements

Major Courses

LABR 1103Craft Orientation

3 Credits

LABR 1123Mason Tending

3 Credits

LABR 1142Concrete Practice Fundamentals

2 Credits

LABR 1163Asphalt Tech and Construction

3 Credits

LABR 2113Lead Base Paint Abatement

3 Credits

LABR 2133Principles of Pipelaying

3 Credits

LABR 2213Landscape Maintenance

3 Credits

LABR 2233Blueprint Reading

3 Credits

LABR 2313Construction Surveying

3 Credits

LABR 2333Bridge Construction

3 Credits

LABR 2416Hazardous Waste Management

6 Credits

BSNS 2423Internship Experience

3 Credits

Select six credits from any of the following: Business Electives and prefix of CNST, COGT, ENGR, MCHN, WELD, COSC, or ELTR.

Total Credit Hours: 44

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