Info on Occupational Programs

KCC’s occupational programs in business, health and technology areas offer students educational and technological opportunities in a wide variety of fields. The programs provide career preparation, job retraining, and skills upgrading.

Occupational programs include Associate in Applied Science degrees which require between 60 and 71 credit hours, depending on the field of study; advanced certificates of 30 to 50 credit hours; and certificates of completion which require a series of courses.

The Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) requires successful completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours of general education courses (six credit hours from the communications area; and nine credit hours in any combination of humanities, math/science or social and behavioral science).

Each curriculum lists its required courses (and their credit hour values). General education courses for Associate in Applied Science and certificate students are listed here.

Exceptions to all certificate and degree requirements must be approved by petition to the Graduate Review Committee.

Due to curriculum revisions, state agency or accrediting agency changes or other factors beyond the college’s control, the curricula shown may have been modified after this catalog was published. Please check with the Department of Student Services for the most current curriculum outlines.