Corrections and additions

Corrections and additions to the 2021-22 KCC catalog (Errata sheet):


Prerequisites for the following RESP courses updated: RESP 1113, RESP 1224, RESP 1458, RESP 2213, RESP 2225, RESP 2411, RESP 2433, RESP 2445 - 3-17-2021.

Total credit hours for the following AA plans of study corrected to be 60 credit hours, elective credit hours reduced to meet the total credit hours of 60: Aviation AA, English AA, History AA, Mass Communication AA, Political Science AA, Psychology AA, Sociology AA - 3-17-2021.

Added a statement to the overviews of the registered nursing and practical nursing programs which states the programs meet state education requirements - 3-19-2021.

CHEM 2714 and CHEM 2724 approved by IAI. IAI code added to course description - 4-19-2021.

Footnotes of the following Electrical Engineering Technology AAS tracks updated: Industrial Electrical Technology Track; Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control Track; Industrial Machinery Maintenance Track; Renewable Energy Technology Track - 4-22-2021.

COGT 1123 prerequisite updated - 4-22-2021.

COGT 1253 and COGT 2452 prerequisites and course descriptions updated - 4-22-2021.

COGT 2163 course description updated and course title changed to Product Design with Inventor - 4-26-2021.

Computer Graphic Technology Certificate I program composition updated and credit hours increased from 13 to 14 - 4-26-2021.

Computer Graphic Technology Certificate II program composition updated and credit hours increased from 24 to 26 - 4-26-2021.

High School transitional math added to prerequisites for MATH 1133 - 5-5-2021.

Added ORIN 1541 as a program requirement for the following degrees - Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in General Studies - 5-5-2021.

Total program credit hours for the Associate in General Studies reduced from 64 to 60, elective credits reduced - 5-5-2021.

Updated language in Code of Campus Affairs sections 21.2 and 21.3. Added section 21.4. 5-17-2021.

Updated membership of Board of Trustees. 6-30-2021.

Updated CPR requirements in Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician programs. 8-19-2021.

Changed the name of the Title IX coordinator on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment page and Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action statement. 11-11-2021.