Course Information

Courses are identified by a four-letter course prefix and four-digit number. The prefix represents the subject or program area. For example, ECON is the prefix for economics classes. Course numbers represent the level, type of course and number of credit hours.

Course levels

Courses in the 1000 - 1999 range are generally first-year, or freshman-level courses. Courses in the 2000 - 2999 range are generally second-year, or sophomore-level courses. 

In many cases, students complete 1000-level courses before going on to 2000-level courses. However, a student can enroll in any 1000 or 2000 level course as long as the prerequisites are met.

Foundation courses

Course numbers 0000 - 0999 represent foundation courses. Foundation courses improve reading, writing, math and study skills, preparing students for college degree and certificate programs. Although recorded on the student’s transcript, credits for these courses do not apply to degrees or certificates and do not affect students’ grade point averages if the first number in the course number is 0, 3, 4 or 5. They are not transferable to a four-year college or university. Students who are academically suspended may register for these classes.

Career courses

Course numbers 1000 - 1499 and 2000 - 2499 identify career program courses. Career programs prepare students to enter work immediately upon graduation. The courses in a career program are not designed to transfer to four-year colleges or universities – although in some cases they may.

Transfer courses

Course numbers 1500 - 1999 and 2500 - 2999 identify transfer program courses. Transfer programs prepare students to attend four-year colleges or universities. While these courses are intended to transfer to a college or university, students should work closely with a KCC advisor to ensure proper transfer of courses.

Lecture/Lab/Credit Hours

Lecture hours are the number of lecture hours per week; lab hours are the number of lab hours per week.

Credit hours are the semester hours awarded for the course and are part of the GPA calculation. The final digit of the course number indicates the number of credit hours awarded for the course.


MATH 0974 Foundation course, four credit hours.
ACCT 1523 First year course, within a transfer curricula, three credit hours.
ELTR 2414 Second year course, within an occupational curricula, four credit hours.

Online and Hybrid Courses

When enrolled in online and hybrid courses, students should be ready to ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, and take tests online. These courses require a reliable Internet connection (preferably high-speed). Students in online and hybrid courses must understand basic computing, email, word processing and Internet navigation.

Email or phone 815-802-8900 for more information regarding technology requirements.

The course delivery modes at KCC are:

Hybrid course

Hybrid courses combine face-to-face and online instruction and activities. A portion of the course instruction/content is delivered face-to-face in a classroom setting while a portion of the course instruction/content is delivered online through KCC’s learning management system (Canvas). Course instructors will explain specific course requirements to students in detail during their first on-campus meeting or online interaction.

Online course

All content/instruction is online and accessible through KCC’s learning management system (Canvas) with regular and substantive interaction between students and the instructor. Students can finish an online course without coming to KCC’s campus, but may be required to take tests/assessments in a pre-approved testing center.