Study Abroad Program

KCC students have the opportunity to study in a foreign country through the college’s participation in the Illinois Consortium for International Studies Program.

A general program overview is at For complete details, including countries where students can study, program requirements and deadlines, as well as scholarship opportunities, visit


The following list includes courses exclusive to the study abroad program. Participants in the program take courses on this list as well as courses equivalent to others at KCC. Contact the study abroad coordinator for further information.

ENGL 2713 - Intl Survey of Brit Lit I, 3 Credits

FREN 2702 - Communication in French, 2 Credits

HIST 1613 - Austrian Civilization, 3 Credits

HIST 2543 - British History I, 3 Credits

HIST 2553 - British History II, 3 Credits

HIST 2613 - Modern Britain, 3 Credits

HIST 2633 - Middle Ages, 3 Credits

HIST 2643 - US History 1933-1950, 3 Credits

HIST 2903 - History of Spain, 3 Credits

HUMS 2903 - The Three Cultures of Spain, 3 Credits

PLSC 1723 - European Politics, 3 Credits

SPAN 2533 - Introduction to Mexican Culture, 3 Credits