About this catalog

The KCC catalog is an information book and reference guide dealing with different aspects of the college—its policies, facilities, degree programs, course offerings, services, and faculty.

This edition is in effect from the beginning of the fall semester through the end of the next summer term. It represents the college’s academic, social, and financial objectives at the time of its publication. Course and curriculum changes, modifications of tuition or fees, policies and other changes may occur after the catalog has been published and before these changes can be incorporated in a later edition. For this reason, this catalog does constitute a contractual obligation with its students, either collectively or individually. In the case of discrepancies between the online and published catalogs, the online version takes precedence.

If you have suggestions for improving this catalog, please contact us.

The college or a contract employee often photographs and videotapes its students, faculty and staff for use in KCC publications, public relations, marketing, and the website. Anyone who does not want his or her photograph/image used for these purposes should file a written request with the Office of Marketing and Public Relations.