MATH 1774 Statistics

This course focuses on statistical reasoning and on solving problems using real-world data rather than on computational skills. Use of technology-based computations (such as graphing calculators with a statistical package, spreadsheets, or statistical computing software) is required with emphasis on interpretation and evaluation of statistical results. Topics include data collection processes (observational studies, experimental design, sampling techniques, bias), descriptive methods using quantitative and qualitative data, bivariate data, correlation, and least-squares regression, basic probability theory, probability distributions (normal distributions and normal curve, binomial distribution), chi-square tests, one-way analysis of variance, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests using p-values. Students cannot receive credit for both MATH 1774 and BSNS 2514. IAI: M1 902 Mathematics. IAI: BUS 901 Business.


4 Credits


MATH 1424 or MATH 0985 with a grade of C or better, appropriate assessment score, or High School Transitional Math: quantitative literacy (QL) or STEM pathway - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

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