PHTA 1272 Pathology II for the PTA

This course is a continuation of PHTA 1172 and presents students with a body systems approach to the etiology, pathology, signs/symptoms, risk factors, and prognosis and medical treatment of specific diseases and conditions across the lifespan often seen in physical therapy. Students will further explore the behavioral, social, and environmental factors contributing to disease and dysfunction as well as the psychosocial-spiritual impact on health care. Primary systems of study include the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal other special systems. Students will study the fundamental basis of diseases and conditions and discuss related physical therapy implications. This course may be taught in an on-line or hybrid format.


2 Credits


PHTA 1103, PHTA 1115, PHTA 1172, and BIOL 2644 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours