PHTA 2156 PTA Fundamentals III

This course requires students to apply previously learned concepts and skills to selected neurological patient conditions. Laboratory practice will allow hands-on application of selected data collection skills including: arousal, mentation, and cognition; assistive devices; gait, balance, and locomotion; neuromotor development; and postural alignment. In addition, students will apply therapeutic interventions including, but not limited to: functional training; balance and coordination training; postural awareness training; neuromotor rehabilitation techniques; and establishment and implementation of a HEP. Students will develop the ability to safely and effectively implement progress, adjust and document interventions to patient conditions across the life span utilizing critical thinking while following the established plan of care developed by the physical therapist.


6 Credits


PHTA 2001 and PHTA 2053 - Must be completed prior to taking this course.

Lecture Hours


Lab Hours