Advanced Drivetrains-Powertrains Certificate

Curriculum code: C81D


Demonstrate safe work habits and techniques in the use of vehicles and equipment in shop operations.

Show proper usage of common measuring devices and automotive testing equipment.

Identify appropriate tools and materials required for the appropriate automotive repair.

Determine manufacturer’s specifications when making repairs and adjustments to vehicles.

Demonstrate diagnosis and repair of heating and air conditioning, brakes, engines, and electrical system issues within specific time limits

Program Overview

Auto lab

It is possible for a student to take a small grouping of courses which, taken as a unit, may satisfy requirements for a particular position within the automotive technology field. The student may make written application to the Office of Admissions and Registration to receive written verification of completion of the certificate program.

Program Requirements

Major courses

AUTO 1064Internal Combustion Engines

4 Credits

AUTO 1213Manual Transmissions & Driveline

3 Credits

AUTO 1223Automatic Transmissions

3 Credits

AUTO 2206Engine Diagnosis & Overhaul

6 Credits

MCHN 1214Machine Tool I

4 Credits

Total Credit Hours:20

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