KCC is the only solar-PV training program in the state of Illinois and one of only three in the 18-state region that is accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). 

  • IREC-logo IREC (Interstate Renewable Energy Council) is a non-profit organization accelerating the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency since 1982. IREC develops renewable energy consensus-based standards to promote best practices and provide a benchmark for effective and safe workforce training practices.
  • Midwest-Solar-Training-Network-logo KCC is a member of the Midwest Solar Training Network, a group of technical and community colleges, non-profit organizations, universities, and industry partners who are working together to build solar training capacity in the Midwest.

Professor Sterling's certifications

  • IREC-TrainingProviderLogo IREC Certified Trainer for Solar-PV and Wind
  • CITCA-logo CITCA (Communications Industry Training & Certification Academy) Certified Wind Tower and Nacelle Rescue Instructor
  • Site Assessment Certificate Program Site Assessment Certificate Program Midwest Renewable Energy Association/Site Assessment Certificate Program.