Hesi A2 Exam

This examination is utilized to test retention of knowledge of pre-requisite course work to determine which students are best prepared to be successful in a health career program.

HESI A2 testing areas

1. Math:

  • 55-item exam: Focuses on math skills needed for health care fields, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, household measures, and general math facts that are useful, for example, when calculating drug dosages and solutions. Personal calculators are not permitted, but a basic calculator is available within the software. Scratch paper will be provided. (Recommended Time: 50 minutes)

2. Science:

  • Biology: 30 item exam. (Recommended Time: 25 minutes)
  • Physics: Not included in KCC’s A2 Test

3. English Language Composite:

  • Reading Comprehension: 55-item exam. Reading scenarios that are health related. Provides reading scenarios in order to measure reading comprehension, including: identifying the main idea, finding meaning of words in context, passage comprehension, making logical inferences, etc. (Recommended Time: 60 minutes)
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge: 55-item exam. Contains basic vocabulary that is often used in health care fields. (Recommended Time: 50 minutes)
  • Grammar: 55-item exam. Contains basic grammar, including: parts of speech, important terms and their uses in grammar, and commonly occurring grammatical errors. (Recommended Time: 50 minutes)

4. Learning Styles:

  • 14-item assessment of preferred learning style. Not included in minimum score requirements.(Recommended Time: 15 minutes).

5. Personality Style:

  • 15-item assessment of personality related to preferred learning style. Students receive a printout with study tips based on their learning style and personality profile. Not included in minimum score requirements. (Recommended Time: 15 minutes).

Ranking of scores

You will be ranked for program acceptance based on your HESI A2 test score.

You are allowed two attempts at the HESI A2 (before the testing deadline) per testing cycle. The exceptions are Registered Nursing and Registered Nursing Advanced Placement applicants -- where two attempts per application cycle (Spring and Fall semesters) are allowed.

The higher of the two attempts will be used for ranking.

Eligible applicants who are not offered a seat will be alternates. Students will be notified of their status in writing.

Tie-breaking rules

  1. If a choice must be made among a number of applicants with the same test score, selection for admission will be made on the basis of:
  2. Completion of the greatest number of non-MEDT, -PMED, -PHTA, -PNUR, -RESP, -RNUR or -XRAY courses in the curriculum. If a tie still occurs, then
  3. The highest comprehensive score(s) in the area of reading on the HESI A2 Exam

Schedule an exam

  1. You must receive clearance to take the HESI A2 exam by a health careers advisor. Review the Application Process for program eligibility requirements.
  2. Review the Important Dates and Deadlines. The health careers advisor will provide instructions on scheduling and paying for the exam.