Illinois Articulation Initiative

Sponsored by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board, the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) ensures that completion of the general education core curriculum at any participating institution in Illinois transfers to meet lower division (freshman and sophomore) general education core requirements at more than 100 participating Illinois colleges and universities.

The agreement is in effect for students entering an as­sociate or baccalaureate degree-granting institution as a first-time freshman in summer 1998 and thereafter.

Log on to MyCreditsTransfer at for the latest information on IAI requirements and to see how courses transfer to other colleges and universities. MyCreditsTransfer also offers program requirements and course equivalencies.

General Education Core

The IAI General Education Core requirements are out­lined here. An IAI course number followed by:
L designates a laboratory course; N designates a non-Western culture course; and D designates a diversity course.

The General Education Core courses also are identified by code at the end of the individual course descriptions. Those codes have the letters "IAI" followed by Communications, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Physical Science, Humanities, Humanities/Fine Arts, Social and Behavioral Science or Life Science.

Major-Specific Courses

The Illinois Articulation Initiative panels have designated some courses as major-specific within cur­riculums. While the IAI General Education Core specifies elective choices, IAI Major-Specific courses clarify which courses are appropriate for transfer into the selected major at a four-year institution.

A notation is included at the end of course descriptions for IAI Major-Specific courses.

IAI General Education Core Requirements

Through the Illinois Articulation Initiative, the following requirements are for all students who enter a KCC transfer program in summer 1998 and thereafter. Individual programs/study plans may vary slightly from these general requirements.