Transfer Admission Requirements

Students enrolling in transfer degree programs at KCC must meet minimum admission requirements as directed by Illinois Public Act 86-0954.

Specific requirements are based on the student’s high school record.

Students must complete at least 15 units of high school coursework from the following five categories:

  1. Four years of English (emphasizing written and oral communications and literature);
  2. Three years of social studies (emphasizing history and government);
  3. Three years of mathematics (introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry or fundamen­tals of computer programming);
  4. Three years of science (laboratory sciences); and
  5. Two years of electives in foreign language, music, vocational education or art; except that up to three of the 15 units of coursework required may be distributed by deducting no more than one unit each from the categories of social studies, mathematics, sciences, and electives and completing those three units in any of the five categories.

A deficiency may be satisfied through assessment testing and/or completion of specified remedial/developmental or college-level courses. Meeting the prerequisite and assessment requirements for transfer-level courses will satisfy admissions requirements.

Students must meet assessment requirements regardless of whether or not they meet the high school course-specific requirements. Students will be assessed in mathematics, and reading to assist them with placement in courses appropriate to their academic abilities.

Students who have successfully completed 24 semester hours of transfer-level course work at an accredited college or university will be considered having the equivalent of the required high school course work shown above.