Maintenance Welding Certificate

Curriculum code: C32B


Demonstrate safe work habits in the operation of welding, cutting and fabrication.

Formulate welding symbols and effectively demonstrate their use.

Explain Basic metallurgy concepts and identify metals and weld methods used in industry.

Evaluate proper methods required for strong welds and accurate cuts.

Identify the appropriate equipment required in a fabrication setting.

Explain the proper setup and use of gases for the various types of welds.

Identify the proper procedure for preparing, welding & destructively testing a completed weld coupon per the AWS code.​

Program Overview

It is possible for a student to take a small grouping of courses which, taken as a unit, may satisfy requirements for a particular position within the welding field. The student may submit a written application to the Office of Admissions and Registration to receive written verification of completion of the certificate program.

Program Requirements

Major courses

WELD 1114Basic Welding

4 Credits

WELD 2124Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

4 Credits

WELD 2224Metallic Inert Gas Welding

4 Credits

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