Heating Systems Certificate

Curriculum code: V76C


Troubleshoot heating and cooling system problems.

Identify safety procedures when working with heating and cooling systems.

Evaluate measurable pressures, saturation temperatures, sub-cooling and superheat factors.

Identify components that are used to make up heating and cooling systems for homes and commercial use.

Identify components and wiring to compare logic and schematic drawings to trace electrical voltages for successful circuit analysis.

Program Overview

It is possible for a student to take a small grouping of courses, which, taken as a unit, may satisfy requirements for a particular position within the electrical technology field. The student may submit a written application to the Office of Admissions and Registration to receive written verification of completion of the certificate program.

Program Requirements

Curriculum code: V76C

AIRC 1014Fundamentals of Air Conditioning

4 Credits

AIRC 1214Heating Plants

4 Credits

AIRC 1222Heat Pumps

2 Credits

AIRC 2222Geothermal Systems

2 Credits

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